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rec: a perfect place

(Apologies for the late post.)

Story: A Perfect Place
Author: rallalon
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 4321
Author's Summary: Chan, she loves him, tho.
Characters/Pairings: Chantho/Yana
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's rare to find fic about either of these two, and rarer still to find one that fits so seamlessly with canon. The setting is simple enough - Chantho and Professor Yana in the buildup to Utopia, with all the wonderful absurdities that arise when you place two alien cultures against the backdrop of the end of the universe. From the initial, tentative interactions to all the little misunderstandings that follow, the author builds up a wonderfully tense feeling of desperation even as the titular perfect place draws nearer.

She has no idea where he discovered an extra lab coat for her, only knows her joy at the unexpected gift.

"Chan, you are much too kind, tho!" she praises. The scarcity of any such materials makes such a present nigh unheard of, makes her fill with warmth and joy.

"It has been fifteen years, Chantho," he tells her kindly, sounding as if he would rather she not compliment him so loudly. "Utopia knows you deserve something for putting up with me that long."

"Chan, has it been truly, tho?" she asks and then he does one of his strange human things, the one that she has always been fascinated by.

The colour of his face shifts, changes and he coughs. "Well, er. Fifteen years and two months or so."

She only smiles, because he wouldn’t be her professor if he were ever on time.

Tags: author: rallalon, character: chantho, character: professor yana, pairing:chantho/yana, rating: all ages, reccer: eponymous_rose, type: het

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