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rec: Not Quite Grammatical

Story: Not Quite Grammatical
Author: shinyjenni
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1247
Author's Summary: Stumbling into renegade Time Lords’ TARDISes is becoming something of a habit for Dodo.
Characters/Pairings: Dodo Chaplet, Iris Wildthyme
Warnings: None

Recced because: Poor Dodo is even more woefully unrepresented in fanfiction than Susan, which is saying something. Here she gets another chance at the universe, in even less conventional company than the last time. Which is also saying something. If you've not met Iris Wildthyme, she's a Time Lady of even more insanity and reckless behavior than the Doctor. This story is a great introduction to her in all her multi-colored, surprisingly kind, frizzy-haired, packrat glory.

"Now, dearie," said Iris, handing Dodo a chipped blue mug, "why don't you tell Aunty Iris what happened to make you so jumpy?"

Dodo sniffed. "I was hypnotised by an artificial intelligence as part of its plan to wipe out humanity," she blurted out, rather resentfully. When you said it out loud like that, she reflected, it seemed rather a ridiculous thing to have spent two months recovering from.

Iris clucked sympathetically. "There, there," she said.

Inexplicably, it made Dodo feel a little better.
Tags: author: shinyjenni, character: iris wildthyme, companion: dodo, rating: all ages, reccer: tigerkat24, type: gen

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