Worrals (livii) wrote in calufrax,

Rec: Gravity by schildkroet

Story: Gravity
Author: schildkroet
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: Jenny soon learns that the cosmos is a better place if you can share it.
Characters/Pairings: Jenny (from The Doctor's Daughter)/Astrid
Warnings: none
Word Count: 735 words

Recced because: I wasn't crazy about Jenny on the show, but this story treats her so lovingly it won me over; I already adored Astrid, and this is a perfect examination of what could be post-Voyage of the Damned. This is a beautiful little bite of a story, with Jenny learning, exploring, and running both from and toward her past, and finding an ally in an unexpected form. They are each other's centre of gravity: together they can take on the universe.
Tags: author: schildkroet, character: astrid peth, character: jenny, pairing:astrid/jenny, rating: all ages, reccer: livii, type: femslash

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