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rec: Entangled

Story: Entangled
Author: Doyle
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2103
Author's Summary: "Right, then. Adam Mitchell, this is your life."
Characters/Pairings: Adam Mitchell, Nine, Mickey Smith, Rose
Warnings: none

Recced because: Don't click away when you see the character list! Adam Mitchell is generally regarded as one of RTD's least successful creations. This is the first - and thus far, only - fic I've read that not only makes Adam into a real person, but also makes you empathize with him. The style is absolutely lovely. It's a very memorable portrayal of a character a lot of us tried to forget.

Excerpt: You’re thirteen. Top of your form class by miles. Unpopular, but good at keeping your head down. Into Star Wars and League of Gentlemen, painfully uncool about clothes and music, still two years away from your mum letting you get contacts. Two weeks from now, Gemma Stayes will ask you out and you’ll stammer a ‘yeah’, your IQ halved by her highlights and lipgloss.

You’re eating pot noodle in front of the news, the chemistry homework you’re meant to be doing forgotten as Andrew Marr reports on what’s happening in London. You wonder whether it was Al Qaeda, make up an elaborate James Bond scenario with hallucinogenic gas that makes people think shop dummies are alive.

There’s very little that’s interesting about you at this age, but one day you’ll do the maths, work out that this is where you were when the Doctor asked Rose to come with him.
Tags: author: doyle, character: adam mitchell, companion: mickey, companion: rose, doctor: 9, rating: all ages, reccer: avendya, type: gen

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