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Rec: Uneven Steps

Story: Uneven Steps
Author: Settiai
Rating: All ages
Author's Summary: Severus Snape never knew when or where he would see the Doctor next. (Crossover with "Harry Potter.").
Characters/Pairings: Adric, Erimem, Nyssa, Peri Brown, Tegan Jovanka, The Fifth Doctor, Turlough, (Snape, Lily, and Dumbledore from HP)
Warnings: Spoilers for all HP books
Word Count: 5,098

Recced because: The first time I read this story I was blown away by the brilliance of it. Snape meets the Fifth Doctor for the first time when he's nine years old, but that's not the first time the Doctor's met him. The Doctor's appearance is woven in through Snape's life, always at times that end up being important in some way.

The Doctor was dressed in plain wizarding robes, and–while Severus still doubted that he was an actual wizard–it was obvious that he was more than a mere Muggle. He nodded, and two more people slipped by to sit down at the table.

Severus eyed the two newcomers, both of them women. One had dark skin, and there was something in her eyes that made him think that it would not be a good idea to get on her wrong side. She, like the Doctor, wore her robes as if they were made for her, and he couldn't help but wonder if she might actually be a witch. The other, however, practically screamed Muggle–or, at the very least, Muggle-born.

"Why are you here?" Severus asked, careful to keep his face expressionless.

The Doctor shrugged. "This is Erimem," he said, gesturing toward the darker woman, "and this is Peri."

Severus shot a cool look in Peri's direction. "These are dark times," he said warningly. "It's not safe to travel with someone who is so obviously a Muggle."

"Did he just call me a Muggle?" Peri asked, thankfully keeping her voice down. "Doctor, what's a Muggle?"

Not just a Muggle then, but an American Muggle. Severus frowned.
Tags: author: settiai, companion: adric, companion: erimem, companion: nyssa, companion: tegan, companion: turlough, doctor: 5, rating: all ages, reccer: wiccagirl24, type: gen

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