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Rec: Wedding Blues by settiai

Story:  Wedding Blues
Author:  settiai
Rating:  All Ages
Word Count:  611
Author's Summary: "Just how many people are you married to?"
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Mickey
Warnings:  crack!

Recced because:  Ten and Mickey have to get married in order to find Rose on alien planet.  It's a short and very silly fic, just the thing for a Monday.  The characters' voices are perfect.  It's crackfic, yet strangely plausible.  Read it, smile, and review.

The Doctor ignored him. "The ceremony's only binding in 0.01% of the universe," he said reassuringly. "And that's only until the sixty-third century or so."

Tags: author: settiai, companion: mickey, doctor:10, pairing:10/mickey, rating: all ages, reccer: tardis_stowaway, type: slash

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