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REC: Concatenation

Story: Concatenation
Author: Minion
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 850
Author's summary: A few years after the events of Doomsday, Rose meets the First Doctor. Well, why do you think the Doctor has generally traveled with young women over the years?
Characters/Pairings: First Doctor/Rose
Warnings: Pokes fun at both characters but in a loving way. Really.

Recced because: I think I said in my rec yesterday that I'm usually not all that into Doctor/Rose ships. Well, I may have been fudging the truth just a tiny little bit because there is one Doctor/Rose ship that I ship quite hard and that is First Doctor/Rose, known far and wide by its portmanteau ship name Onose (which is of course pronounced like O NOES—we Onose shippers tend to be silly sorts sometimes.) Sadly there doesn't seem to be very many Onose fics that have been written, but the upside is that they all seem to be quite good. Concatenation especially always brings a smile to my face. It's very silly and light-hearted and there are days when you just need something like that.
Tags: author: minion, companion: rose, doctor: 1, pairing: 1/rose, reccer: biichan, type: het

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