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Rec: A Note Left by rallalon

Story:  A Note Left
Author: rallalon
Rating:  Teen
Word Count: 1,739
Author's Summary: "Doctor, Rose, if I don't make it back to you and we never see each other again, I want you two to make sweet, sweet cross-species love and think of me. Often, and at the same time."
Characters/Pairings:  Jack Harkness
Warnings: Justified angst.

Recced because:  This is the video note Jack might have left for the Doctor and Rose before traveling back in time from the Game Station where they abandoned him.  It's a powerful missing scene that could well have happened.  Rallalon does an amazing job of portraying Jack at a moment of transition where the humor and astounding faith in the Doctor and Rose we saw at the end of S1 coexist with confusion and a nascent sense of betrayal. I highly recommend it enough for fans of the Captain. Also, look for the sneaky Bad Wolf in the coda!

*   *   *
"In case you haven't guessed it yet, I'm still up and walking. I know, right?" He smiles a little, trying for a measure of levity. All the same, there's a tightness at the corners of his eyes that the crinkles of a smile can't overcome.

*   *   *

Another angsty story elbowed its way onto my rec list.  Tomorrow, I promise crack with Donna.
Tags: author: rallalon, companion: jack, rating: teen, reccer: tardis_stowaway, type: gen

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