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REC: Full Circle

Story: Full Circle
Author: Viridian5
Rating: Adult
Author's summary: Turlough and the Doctor meet for the first time. Then Turlough and the Doctor meet for the first time....
Characters/Pairings: Fourth Doctor/Turlough, Fifth Doctor/Turlough
Warnings: explicit sex

Recced because: It's really, really hot.

No, seriously. It came to my attention that I'd only recced gen or mostly gen stuff so far this week and I figured I ought to have at least one fic that treats the Doctor in a sexual fashion, lest I be mistaken for a dirty asexualist. And what better Doctor to treat in a sexual fashion than Old Teeth And Curls himself? (Hey, I find him sexy.)

In Viridian5's story, the Doctor and Sarah Jane are on holiday in late twentieth century New York when the Doctor runs into a rather familiar looking young man. With a little mental prodding, he recognizes the young man in question as one of his future self's companions (which his past selves met briefly in The Five Doctors) and promptly decides to, ah, borrow from his future self. Just for a little while.

The story's told in first person from the Doctor's point of view and Viridian5 does a decent job of differentiating the voices of the different Doctors. It was very easy to picture Tom Baker reading the Fourth Doctor's part of the fic or Peter Davison reading the Fifth Doctor's. It's not perfect--it could have probably used a little Brit-picking--but it's really very good. (Also, it's one of the older fics on the Teaspoon, dating back five years or more.)
Tags: author: viridian5, companion: turlough, doctor: 4, doctor: 5, pairing: 4/turlough, pairing: 5/turlough, rating: adult, reccer: biichan, type: slash
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