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The Slightly Silly Candidate

rec: somedays by nastally

Story: Somedays
Author: nastally (Ana)
Rating: Teen, just to be safe.
Word count: 1536
Author's Summary: Why did the Doctor take Romana on a punt boat ride in 'Shada'?
Characters/Pairings: Fourth Doctor, Romana II, Four/Romana II
Warnings: Shameless romanace and fluff. Also, it's has song-lyrics. And implied sex.

Recced because: A gorgeous, sweet, touching take on why the Doctor and Romana went punting in 'Shada'. The author manages to keep them both perfectly in character while romancing each other, leaving no doubt about how in love they are, somehow without being maudlin. There's also a touch of Time Lord Otherness with the multiple tenses. If songfics put you off, well, keep reading anyway, because the lyrics are perfectly placed. To the point: so beautiful it almost hurts, with a vague hint of melancholy. Read!

He climbs onto the punt boat with ridiculous aplomb and nearly hurls them both into the water when he decides to lift her into the boat instead of simply helping her in. The Doctor never does (has done/will do/did) anything simply.
If she gives a shriek, it's really just a little one and entirely to be blamed on the surprise.

Tags: author: nastally, companion: romana ii, doctor: 4, pairing: 4/romana ii, rating: teen, reccer: akashasheiress, type: het

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