Mako, Director of The Ancient Order of Sidewalks (jo_mako) wrote in calufrax,
Mako, Director of The Ancient Order of Sidewalks

Rec: Ten Drabbles.

Story: Ten Drabbles.
Author: Magicallaw
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1630
Author's Summary: All written for the 1000 Drabbles of Awesome challenge on Live Journal community, Life On Martha.
Characters/Pairings: None.
Warnings: Femslash, Het.

Recced because: Forgive the lateness...I am ill. I like these because they do tie into each other a bit, and Magicallaw likes her humour in these things.
Tags: author: magicallaw, companion: martha, doctor:10, rating: adult, reccer: ladymako71, type: femslash, type: het

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