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rec: the not so unlikely saga of fitz kreiner

Story: The Not So Unlikely Saga of Fitz Kreiner
Author: aces
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1159
Author's Summary: 5 companions Fitz almost married.
Characters/Pairings: Ace, Bernice Summerfield, Donna, Fitz, Hex, Jack Harkness, Susan.
Warnings: None.

Recced because: Everyone needs a little hilarity on a Monday, and this piece fits the bill. There aren't nearly enough stories written for book and audio companions, and this one has both which makes it even more delightful. Originally written for churchontime, it's precisely as stated in the summary and every bit as ridiculous as you'd think it would be.

“Oh god.” Fitz brought his hand down from his head–which didn’t fall off, for which he supposed he should have been grateful, but right now he was too busy panicking–and looked at the ring on his finger. “Oh god.”

“That’s exactly what you said last night, only not in that tone of voice.” Jack sounded fond, and nostalgic, and Fitz put his head down between his–naked!–legs and breathed as deeply as he could manage.

“Oh, Fitz,” Jack sighed out and slid off the bed to join the other man on the floor. He patted him on the back, and Fitz could feel the press of a matching ring against his shoulder blade. “Don’t worry, New New New Reno is just one planet over and they’ve got the easiest divorces possible in the nearest five galaxies.”
Tags: author: aces, companion: ace, companion: bernice, companion: donna, companion: fitz, companion: hex, companion: jack, companion: susan, pairing:bernice/fitz, pairing:donna/fitz, pairing:fitz/hex, pairing:fitz/jack, pairing:fitz/susan, rating: all ages, reccer: elyssadc, type: het, type: slash

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