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Rec: An Attempt at Getting Your Leg Over

Having proceeded to get sick and forget for two days that I was supposed to be recommending things, I hearby present you with a catch-up rec.

Story: "An Attempt at Getting Your Leg Over" with Ben Jackson - Viewer Involvement Minimal
Author: The Secretive Bus
Wordcount: 3082
Rating: Teen
Author's Summary: An educational feature on the mating habits of the "Cockney", a species to be found on the planet Earth. Intrusion by Time Lord may occur. We hope you'll learn something.
Characters/Pairings: Ben Jackson, 1st Doctor
Warnings: BDSM, but I don't see it myself.

Recced because: Are you aware just how few stories there are featuring Ben Jackson? Way too few, that's the answer, and this is a particularly hilarious example of the few that there are. Presented as "an educational feature on the concepts of love and romance," it chronicles one of Ben's ill-fated attempts to pick up some bird. There are some brilliantly funny lines, and everyone is spot-on in character, particuarly Ben.

Good evening once again. I am Dr. Ball, and this is another in my series of educational features on the concepts of love and romance, following the successes and failures of the companions of time travellers to see how larger their potential has grown as a result of the alterations in their lives, and exactly how the (somewhat elusive and mysterious) man known as the Doctor has helped, or perhaps hindered, their progress. Following on from “Jamie Pulls a Bird”, “Mike Pulls a Bloke” and “Adric Pulls a Muscle”, we bring you another case study for your assessment and perusal, so that you may, we hope, learn something that may assist you in your own romantic lives. Or perhaps you may empathise with the subject and be able to compare similar experiences. Some of you may just wish to have, as we call it in the profession, a “snigger” at the trials and tribulations detailed here today. Just take what applies to you and run with it, though please bring it back, as we’ve only got the one copy.
Tags: author: the secretive bus, companion: ben, doctor: 1, rating: teen, reccer: tigerkat24, type: gen

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