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Rec: Bereft by taleya

Author: taleya
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1411
Author's Summary: An AU requested by Doyle_sb4, who wanted to know what would happen if the TARDIS actually HAD been destroyed during the Big Finish Audio Singularity.
Characters/Pairings: Fifth Doctor, Turlough
Warnings: None given

Recced because: I'll admit it, Doctor/TARDIS is my bulletproof OTP. But it's more than that; I love the stories that explore the symbiotic relationship that the Doctor and his timeship share after so many centuries together. This includes those in which that link is severed. This is an AU fic that breaks off during the Big Finish audio "Singularity," but you don't need to know any more about the audio than the summary above to appreciate this story. Taleya gives us a broken Fifth Doctor struggling to cope without his ship, and she delivers beauty and bleakness in subject, setting and tone. Turlough's point of view imbues 21st century Russia with an alien isolation that makes the heart ache for two stranded travelers.

The Doctor is ill at ease on this planet. Lost, oddly vulnerable without his TARDIS. His english is oddly accented without the telepathic circuits, softer, more melodic, a voice used to a far more mellifluous language. He's developed a nervous habit of late, hands fluttering uneasily to fuss with the seams of his jacket, already started to fray from the constant worrying.
Tags: author: taleya, companion: turlough, doctor: 5, rating: all ages, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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