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Rec: The Quiet Chamber

Story: The Quiet Chamber
Author: kalleah
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3,768
Author's Summary: Ten II and Rose in the immediate aftermath of "Journey's End."
Characters/Pairings: Ten (duplicate), Rose, Jackie, Pete
Warnings: None

Recced because: This is one of my favorite post-"Journey's End" stories. It's beautifully written, and perfectly captures the difficult, tentative first day Rose and the duplicate Doctor have together, as well as the uncertainty of their new relationship. The duplicate Doctor may love her as much as the original, but Rose still has confusion, anger, and resentment to sort through, much as she's drawn to this other man. One thing I adore about kalleah's writing is that her Ten and Rose dialogue always feels real and in-character, with no long, flowery declarations of love; the final conversation on the airplane is just the sort of air-clearing we're never going to get onscreen, and the Doctor's last line is gorgeous.
Tags: author: kalleah, character: jackie tyler, character: pete tyler, companion: rose, doctor:10.5, pairing:10.5/rose, rating: all ages, reccer: nonelvis, type: gen

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