The Slightly Silly Candidate (akashasheiress) wrote in calufrax,
The Slightly Silly Candidate

rec: battle of wills

Story: Battle of Wills
Author: Minion
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2984
Author's Summary: My version of a post-"Doomsday" story. Rose wants to move on with her new life, but no one will let her.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Tenth Doctor, the TARDIS
Warnings: Hilarity

Recced because: A mockery of certain Post-Doomsday stories. This should be quite enough to recommend it, IMO.

"You found the contract?" Mickey was saying. "That's fan--"

"Mickey!" Jackie yelped. "You know you aren't supposed to use the f-word."
Tags: author: minion, character: jackie tyler, character: tardis, companion: mickey, companion: rose, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: akashasheiress, type: gen

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