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Rec: Enough of Words

Hello! I'm such_heights and this is my first go-round on Calufrax, so I'll be taking you through a mixed bag of some of my favourite stories that haven't made it into the archives thus far.

Story: Enough of Words
Author: Maymargaret
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1847
Author's Summary: What happens after we leave Harriet Jones in "The Stolen Earth".
Characters: Harriet Jones, Ace
Warnings: None

Recced because: Say what you like about the last season finale, it had an amazing number of jumping off points for more stories to tell. Maymargaret picks up on both the subwave network and Harriet Jones' indeterminate fate (is my tinhat still in place? oh good) and finds a perfect opening to introduce Ace, whose presence does of course improve any story. It's wonderfully characterised, an excellent snapshot of the situation on Earth during the invasion, and most of all a great idea neatly packaged.
Tags: author: maymargaret, character: harriet jones, companion: ace, rating: all ages, reccer: such_heights, type: gen

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