Amy (such_heights) wrote in calufrax,

Rec: Bohemian Rose

Story: Bohemian Rose
Author: loneraven (Raven)
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 992
Author's Summary: Rose has a date. Surprisingly, it's going well.
Pairing: Rose Tyler/female character
Warnings: None

Recced because: Rose is wonderfully characterised here, and the developing, first date-like relationship between the two women is really deftly done. Also recced because it's one of Raven's wonderful girl!Doctor stories, more of which can be found both on Teaspoon and her LJ. With all the talk of regeneration in the air, I know it's something a lot of us are hoping for at some point, and Raven's version is my favourite so far.
Tags: author: raven, companion: rose, pairing:rose/f, rating: all ages, reccer: such_heights, type: femslash

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