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rec: the wages of love

Story: The Wages of Love
Author: Darkerchild
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1684
Author's Summary: Zagreus missing scene. The TARDIS tortures the Doctor. Very adult.
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor/TARDIS
Warnings: Very dark.

Recced because: Another brilliant piece from the kinkmeme that I was thrilled to find on teaspoon. When the author says it's adult and I say it's dark, we ain't kiddin'. If you've heard the Big Finish audio Zagreus then you can probably imagine what we mean. If you haven't heard it...what's wrong with you?!?!?! Needless to say, I absolutely adore this story because the relationship between the Doctor and the TARDIS is my one true OTP and to see one betray the me shivers just thinking about it.

His shoulders and wrists were in torment from being hitched above his head. There was some slack in the chains, but only enough to let them chafe and jingle when he moved.

But the worst was the TARDIS, standing there wearing the skin of his old friend, and hating him so much, and maybe he deserved it, but after all they had been through, all those billions of miles travelled together, why couldn’t she understand? If only he apologised hard enough, perhaps he could break through the anti-time influence and save her. Except, the cool fingers of dread that had a grasp on his hearts told him that she did not want to be saved.

“Then bring it on,” he cried out suddenly. The words, raw as they were, scratched against his tormented throat. “Bring it on. Call this a dungeon? Where’s the rack, the whip, the iron maiden? Flay me alive why don’t you, and then beat me.” He took a deep breath before continuing, his voice crackling with emotion. He had to make her understand, somehow, that he hadn’t abandoned her;

“I know I caused you pain. I know that, and I am so very sorry. I trusted you to contain the explosion and I was right to put my faith in you. You never let me down. You were the last one I could turn to. I never expected to live.”
Tags: author: darkerchild, character: tardis, doctor: 8, pairing: 8/tardis, rating: adult, reccer: elyssadc, type: het

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