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Rec: Jackie Tyler in the Fourth Dimension

Story: Jackie Tyler in the Fourth Dimension  
Author: Cryptile

Rating: None given; I’d say all ages

Author's summary: Jackie Tyler hates time travel.

Characters/Pairings: Jackie Tyler, with guest appearances from Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Rose Tyler, Ace McShane

Warnings: Author warns for swearing; it’s pretty mild

Recced because: If you love Jackie, as I do, this is the Jackie fic to read. It’s about Jackie’s relationship with the Doctor(s), with her daughter and also with life in general. If you loved Jackie and Nine snarking at each other, this story will have you alternately laughing out loud, exclaiming that’s EXACTLY right!, and maybe even shedding a little tear on occasion. In a way, it’s also a love story, but it’s not romantic love; it’s the love between two people who can never make up their minds whether they like or hate each other. There are two incredibly touching scenes, very subtly written, both of which left me with a lump in my throat. On the other hand, we have crossing timelines, a Welsh Doctor who plays the spoons, Rose defending the Earth with Ace and a missing finger. This story is unmissable.

Very difficult to select a quote this time, as I could have chosen the entire story, but here it is:

"Mum, it's the twentieth of April, 2008. The Doctor an' me popped by for tea."

"What? You were 'ere?"


"An' you just let yourselves in an' didn't say anything?"

A pause. "What?"

"You were here an' you didn't wake me up? An' what's all that shoutin'?"

There is a disturbingly loud explosion, followed by an "ACE!" somewhere on the other end of the line.

"Mum, gotta go. Look. We'll be there about four or so. Don't say anything about my finger, all right?"

Tags: author: cryptile, character: jackie tyler, companion: ace, companion: rose, doctor: 9, doctor:10, doctor:future, rating: all ages, reccer: wendymr, type: gen

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