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rec: Patient

Hello, I'm fearlessfirefly and I'll be one of two people posting recs this week. I'll try to cover both classic and new series as evenly as possible, from Hartnell to Tennant and everyone in between.

This is one of two stories I'll be posting today to make up for missing yesterday. So, enjoy! :D

Story: Patient
Author: Persiflage
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2010
Author's Summary: Martha meets a different Time Lord.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, The Doctor (9th)
Warnings: Spoilers for s1's "Rose".

Recced because: I love the idea of Martha with Doctors other than Ten, and Persiflage does a fantastic job by imagining Martha meeting the Ninth Doctor during the events of season one - specifically the opener, "Rose". It's a Martha who has yet to stand on the moon and a Doctor still freshly wounded emotionally from the Time War, and the sparks between the two make for wonderful reading.

This is the first part of an AU series starring Martha and Nine; reccing the first story in the hopes more people start up reading this great series :D
Tags: author: persiflage, companion: martha, doctor: 9, rating: teen, reccer: fearlessfirefly, type: gen

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