el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote in calufrax,
el diablo robotico

rec: Aim For The Moon (And You'll Still Hit The Stars)

Since we got a late start to the week, here's a second rec for today.

Story: Aim For The Moon (And You'll Still Hit The Stars)
Author: RainyD
Rating: Listed as all ages, but see warnings.
Word Count: 1789
Author's Summary: Once, twice, too many times, he thought he'd lost her.
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/TARDIS (One, Four, Eight, Nine, Ten); Romana and Rose also appear.
Warnings: Time Lord/machine sex, some explicit language.

Recced because: There is not enough Doctor/TARDIS in the world, and this contains some moments that are both very wrong and very right.
Tags: author: rainyd, character: tardis, companion: romana ii, companion: rose, doctor: 1, doctor: 4, doctor: 8, doctor: 9, doctor:10, pairing: 1/tardis, pairing: 4/tardis, pairing: 8/tardis, pairing: 9/tardis, pairing:10/tardis, rating: all ages, reccer: platypus, type: het

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