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Rec: Haunted

Hi! I'm wendymr,or wmr on the Spoon, and I'm your second reccer for this week. Thanks to calapine  for giving me another week, and I'm delighted to be reccing alongside isiscaughey. I'll be reccing New Who, a mix of Ninth and Tenth Doctors and all companions, ship and genfic.

A short but powerful gen story to start my week:

Story: Haunted 
Author: dave7 
Rating: All Ages
Word count: 864
Author’s summary:  Ninth Doctor, Pre-series, for the Ninth Doctor Ficathon.
Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor
Warnings: None

Reason for recommendation:    The summary for this story really doesn’t provide us with much of a reason to read it, but trust me: this story needs to be read. dave7  was prompted with a haunted abbey, the ocean, new shoes, and what he does with these is truly wonderful. We have Nine, immediately post-Time War, immediately post-regeneration. From the very first line, I was struck with an image that brought me to a skidding halt:

The Doctor lands the TARDIS on the edge of a beach, somewhere, on a planet he isn’t sure exists any more.

And so it continues. In a very short piece, typical of this writer’s economy with words, we’re given a picture of a man who has no idea who or what he is any more, what kind of universe he’s in - or how much of the universe he’s known all his lives is even left. Read it. It’ll haunt you.

As always, if you enjoy a recced fic here, please leave some feedback for the author! :)
Tags: author: dave7, doctor: 9, rating: all ages, reccer: wendymr, type: gen

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