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rec: Flashover by VittoriaVetra

Story: Flashover
Author: VittoriaVetra
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 42318
Characters: Eight, Charley
Author's Summary:The science of fire is not one that is always understood. Fire behavior is strange sometimes, at best, downright frightening at its worst. The investigation of a rash of urban fires with bizarre circumstances requires the Doctor's unique abilities, but he and Charley soon learn that if you play with fire -- you almost always get burned.

Recced because: When the author starts each chapter with quotes from the NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, you know she knows her stuff. I love stories that take minor, somewhat strange events and throw major sci-fi twists at them, and that's just what VittoriaVetra does in Flashover. It's a story featuring Eight and Charley in present-day Chicago, and it wouldn't be out of place as one of the better Big Finish audios-- with the added bonus that they don't need to find actors that can do good American accents ;) VittoriaVetra has a swift narrative style. She populates the story with believable and well-rounded original characters in a backdrop that you can tell the author knows intimately. But she also does a marvelous job capturing the relationship between the Eighth Doctor and Charley. Plus there's danger, mystery, intrigue and aliens-- who could ask for more?

"What?" Will stammered, "how did you... how did you know...?"

The man tapped his head and smiled. "Now, Father, please. The purpose of my coming here, nice as it was, was not to cleanse my spiritual palate." The man opened the door, exited the confessional, and pulled open Will's side. He extended his hand. "Please, come with me, Father. Your life depends upon it."

Will didn't move. The man pulled a watch out of his pocket, peered at it, and frowned. He shook his open hand urgently. "Please, Father. Now."

Will took a breath. There was a sudden and distinct smell of -- something. Wood, like a campfire, but, there weren't any campgrounds for miles, and outdoor fires were illegal in the middle of Chicago. Then, the memories -- all of the painful ones -- flooded back. Will gaped at the man, staring directly into the pleading blue eyes.

"Now, Father, before it's too late!"

Tags: author: vittoriavetra, companion: charley, doctor: 8, rating: all ages, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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