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rec: The Man in the Freezer Box by Scythe the Wicked

Story:The Man in the Freezer Box
Author: Scythe the Wicked
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6353
Characters: Tenth Doctor
Author's Summary: Somewhere in the American South three cousins embark on that classic coming of age ritual of seeing something…freaky.

Recced because: I really enjoy stories that give an outsider's perspective (however fleeting) of the strange world of Time Traveling Aliens in Phone Boxes. In this story, Scythe the Wicked gives us an old-fashioned Southern Fairy Tale for modern times, with, of course, a Whovian twist. I really like the narration of the story. It's half nostalgia and half fantasy horror, like "Stand By Me" meets "Big Fish" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Through vivid voice and description, Scythe the Wicked brings these three teenage cousins and their fleeting summers to life. And of course, like any good horror tale, we as the audience can get that anticipatory thrill as the story progresses, because unlike the Stevensons and relations, we know who the Ice Box man really is. There are a few typos that I hope the author will correct sometime, but overall it's definitely worth the read.

Somewhere mid afternoon we all were sitting outside a Sonic Drive in eating lunch when Bernadette announced she was going to take me to see the Man in the Ice Box. At first I didn’t understand. Bernadette said that her Uncle (and by extension, my uncle, or possible cousin) Boyd kept a dead man’s body in a freezer. She happened to say this as I had taken sip of soda and I learned the painful experience of having it come out my nose.

“What?” I remembered a couple times I had heard my aunts and uncles joke about the body in Boyd’s basement, but never thought it was true.

Tags: author: scythe the wicked, doctor:10, rating: teen, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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