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Rec: Watson's Ghost by Camilla Sandman

Story:Watson's Ghost
Author: Camilla Sandman
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 15309
Characters: Ten/Rose
Author's Summary: Wherein the Doctor and Rose face a murder charge, Rose walks with ghosts, the Doctor tries for life and an alliance changes its nature.

Recced because: A lyrical, inventive tale that effortlessly melds the traditional Doctor Who plot line of Our Heroes being falsely accused of murder with the more sensual, empathic and romantic overtones that fanfiction affords. On a planet where the dead linger as ghosts in the minds of the living, Rose and the Doctor need to play their own version of Watson and Holmes to solve a murder, and more importantly, to rescue a people from the trap of their past. Camilla Sandman writes in a fluid style but still avoids over-introspection and purple prose, to tell the story, not just of the Tenth Doctor and Rose, but of the culture and people of Nattdvalve. The result is a haunting tale echoing across an alien landscape, that immerses the reader in a creative new world and enriches the characters we already know and love.

Strangers, it is known, came to Nattdvalve long ago. They came, and they saw, and they taught those already there much, but not everything, for knowledge is ever power and only the foolish render themselves powerless. They taught about death, and some about life, and the people of Nattdvalve craved ever more, until the strangers would not give, and there was war. The strangers had knowledge, but they had not the numbers, and they died. Some fled and hid in the mountains, but time battled them too, and one by one they all exhaled their last breath.

Giergny was the last of Nattdvalve's strangers. With him, knowledge would die. He couldn't let that happen.

Giergny died and didn't die still, breathing as ghost where the winds go to die. He never forgets, but no one else dares to remember and he is alone.

Knowledge didn't die. Knowledge doesn't live. Knowledge just haunts.

He haunts with it.

Tags: author: camilla sandman, companion: rose, doctor:10, pairing:10/rose, rating: teen, reccer: eve11, type: het

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