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rec: Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region by rutsky

This is my last rec for this week! I hope you all enjoyed my choices; I had a lot of fun picking them out and writing about them. So, lastly but not leastly:

Story:Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region
Author: rutsky
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 84539
Characters: Jack Harkness, Lynda Moss, others
Author's Summary: Given the slightest opportunity, chance, the universe’s bastard child by chaos, tends toward life.

Recced because: We see a lot of one-shot characters come and go in Doctor Who. "Spear carriers in the opera", as the saying goes. And we see a lot of characters go in rather horrible ways. Rarely do we see them get another chance. But that is exactly what rutsky gives us in this story. At the end of Parting of the Ways, Rose the Bad Wolf brings life, but to how many? And what happened after that? Here, rutsky steps in and tells us the story of Lynda with a 'Y', Govinda and Davitch, Meg, Roderick and all the rest of the characters we last saw on the Game station. Rose and the Doctor are defined only in their absence; even Jack is less the main focus of the story and more one of the ensemble. This is Lynda Moss's journey, her second chance at life. It's got action and peril, fantastic narration, mystery, discovery, and just gorgeous character development of people who we only glimpsed in the episodes. In the aftermath of the Hero and Heroine's swift departure, rutsky gives us a story in which the "spear carriers" shine.

"Where's the Doctor?"

Jack stiffened. "He's gone."


"Gone," he repeated, softly now. Then he shook his head quickly, and squeezed her just as quickly, unexpectedly tapping her nose.

"Come on, sweetheart, I really don't know much more than you do at this point. But let's get back to Control. Most of the others are there. I promise we'll talk, we'll try to figure everything out. Or something, at any rate."

The lift hadn't closed, and its lighting didn't flicker. She moved as if the habit was an ill-fitting set of old clothes, but she kept going.

She was still leaking tears, she was still shaking. She clung to his kindness, desperately trying to determine what to remember and what to forget, which memory could save and which could drown her.

And she couldn't fathom the idea that the strange man in the leather jacket had gone. (Come with me, he'd said, his eyes wide in that funny face of his, his hand held out to her, so large in her field of vision.) What did "gone" mean, really, now that everything had changed?

Tags: author: rutsky, character: lynda moss, companion: jack, rating: all ages, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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