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Rec: The Benefits of Being Monochromatic, by Primsong

Hello! I'm stellastars and this week I'll be pointing you in the direction of just a few of the fics I have enjoyed at Teaspoon. There will mostly be a mix of Classic Who, New Who, and Torchwood, but with a hint of Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish, and maybe even a crossover. I thought we'd kick off the week by starting at the very beginning, with a gen adventure featuring One.

Story: The Benefits of Being Monochromatic
Author: Primsong
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 19,646
Author's Summary: "One and Ian set out to explore, and of course the girls must follow - but where do they go from there? And does it matter how you're dressed?"
Characters/Pairings: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, Susan Foreman, First Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: Simply put, this fic feels like it should have been an episode during the 1963-64 season. The characterizations are spot-on, especially in the dialogue and the interactions between characters. (Plus, there is a lovely bit of Barbara/Ian shippiness!) The plot is well-developed, well-written, and captivating. Even the pacing of the story feels like a classic serial: when the action breaks at a chapter's end, you half expect the title of next week's adventure to appear and the episode's credits to roll. The only significant difference between the classic show and this fic, is that Primsong has the opportunity to write "in color" and uses it to brilliant effect. Whether you're a fan of the original team TARDIS or more partial to New Who, the skill with which this story was crafted makes it an absolute pleasure to read.
Tags: author: primsong, companion: barbara, companion: ian, companion: susan, doctor: 1, rating: all ages, reccer: stellastars, type: gen

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