Stellastars (stellastars) wrote in calufrax,

rec: Five Things Owen Harper Remembers and One Thing He'll Never Forget, by scarlettgirl

Story: Five Things Owen Harper Remembers and One Thing He'll Never Forget
Author: scarlettgirl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 611
Author's Summary: "Memories are like acid and some deserve to burn."
Characters/Pairings: Owen Harper
Warnings: Season 1 of Torchwood, swearing, angst, and if you're squicked by the thought of needles, you might want to look away from Chapter 2.

Recced because: We all have our favorite characters and our less-than-favorite characters. To be honest, Owen Harper has never been a favorite of mine. However, I think it's a sign of truly great writing when an author can take a less-than-favorite character and make you feel for them. Each of the six drabbles in this series draws you in, makes you see the world from Owen's perspective, and is like a punch to the gut. Scarlettgirl's masterful use of the drabble format and deftness for writing Owen makes this a piece not to be missed.
Tags: author: scarlettgirl, rating: all ages, reccer: stellastars, torchwood: owen, type: gen

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