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Throwing Us at the Sky, Kalirush

Story:  Throwing Us at the Sky
Author:  Kalirush
Rating:  All Ages
Word Count:  15926
Author's Summary:  A Doctor/Martha adventure set at Cape Canaveral, 1981.
Characters:  Ten, Martha

This is a wonderful story about the first launch of the space shuttle.  Kalirush beautifully captures the hope and expectations of that time period, and it's worth reading for the protagonists, alone. 

“1981?” Martha thought for a minute. “Cape Canaveral- this is about a space launch, yeah?”

The Doctor rewarded her with a laugh. “A space launch, indeed! Today, I’ll have you know, is the date of the first space shuttle launch. This is April 10th, 1981, and in about an hour and a half, the shuttle Columbia is going to fly up into space like... like... well, like a ship flying into space.” The Doctor scratched the back of his head, looking chagrined. “That fell a bit flat, there. But there’s nothing quite like it! You humans, going to the stars.”
Tags: author: kalirush, companion: martha, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: garpu, type: gen

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