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The Manly Art, MeiLin

Story:  The Manly Art
Author:  MeiLin
Rating:  Mostly all ages, but one is adult
Word Count: 606-3701
Author's Summary: The collected adventures of knitting!Jack, which aren't as ridiculous as they sound. ;) Dedicated to the Who Knits community on Ravelry.
Characters: Mostly Torchwood
Warnings: One story does have explicit sex.

MeiLin's series is a set of short stories about Jack, who knits.  These came about from a discussion on the Who Knits group on Ravelry about which character would be most likely to knit.  I really love the idea that Jack knits, and it fits with the time periods he's lived through.

"So what're you knitting, then?" asked Martha eventually.

"A balaclava," he answered, drawing out the word. "Wanna see?" He gave her a cheerful leer over the top of the needles. "Pleeeease let me show you my balaclava, Martha."

"Oh Jack," she giggled. "You're the only person in the entire universe that could make a balaclava sound dirty." He grinned.

"Essential for the troops, sweetheart. Essential."

"Is that where you learned to knit--the war?"

"Mmm. Great War. Army hospital." He finished up one needle and moved to the next, flicking the thin black wool out of the way.

Martha's brows went up. "Hospital? Were you hurt? I though you couldn't--I mean..."

"Oh no, I wasn't *in* the hospital. Worked there. Towards the end." His hands stopped moving for a moment.

"They taught the wounded soldiers to knit as therapy. Helped with dexterity, especially with hand wounds, burns. Gave me something to do in off hours, and I've just kept at it to pass the time. Turns out I'm good at it, and it keeps my fingers nimble," he said, taking up the work again with the tiniest lecherous wiggle of his brows. "And the little gal who was doing the teaching! Boy, I would have pretended to be interested in whatever she was handing out, just to get close to her. Beautiful girl, Doris. Black hair, big brown eyes, the cutest dimples.
Tags: author: meilin, companion: jack, companion: martha, rating: adult, reccer: garpu, torchwood: ianto, torchwood: owen

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