March 3rd, 2008


Rec: Not Dark Yet

Story: Not Dark Yet (series)
Author: Jaconda
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: Six stories, 50,447 words
Author's Summary: Exploring the universe from the Master's perspective and through the eyes of Leto, a woman whose world he destroyed.
Characters/Pairings: Delgado!Master, Original Companion, Third Doctor, Jo Grant, the Brigadier, UNIT, Master (other incarnation)
Warnings: None

Recced because: Unlike the Doctor, the Master has always preferred to travel alone. It's a challenge to any author to give him a companion without softening or altering his character too much. Jaconda manages to hit this delicate balance. While the Master and Leto gradually forge a partnership over the course of the series, the Master never descends into sentimentality. Leto herself is a well-rounded and interesting character: compassionate enough to evoke sympathy in the reader yet desperate and pragmatic enough to make her travels with the Master believable. Throw in a couple of guest appearances by UNIT and a few gripping adventures, and you've got a compelling read.

Note: The first two stories feature the Delgado!Master and the Third Doctor. The remainder were written before Series Three and feature a post-Time War original Master who is reunited with Leto. Although the Doctor doesn't appear in the latter stories, Jaconda sets up a deliberate contrast between the actions of the Doctor and the Master in the absence of the Time Lords.
time and relative dimension in space, doctor who?, doctor blue box

REC: Time May Change Me

Story: Time May Change Me
Author: LilacFree
Rating: unrated (probably either All Ages or Teen)
Author's summary: The Doctor has a regeneration relapse.
Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Brigadier, Sixth Doctor, Jack, Fifth Doctor, Fourth Doctor
Warnings: nothing more than a little bit of Jackish innuendo

Recced because: It has the most amusing summing up of the end of Doomsday ever:

“Alas, Rose. Not dead, yet parted from me by the gulf of the infinite void, trapped in a parallel Universe with her mother, her parallel not-dead father, her ex-boyfriend, and a baby.”

But seriously, this fic never fails to make me giggle. It starts out with the Doctor waking up shortly after The Runaway Bride only to find that he's back to being Christopher Eccleston again. Not only that, but whenever he loses consciousness he goes back an incarnation. (The above quote comes from the Sixth Doctor) And he's just developed an unfortunate tendency to faint...

It's not a perfect fic, I'll admit. LilacFree refers to the various incarnation by their number (Nine, Eight, Seven and so on) which can be jarring at first. But it's a very fun multi-Doctor romp that nearly everyone should be able to enjoy.

rec: tiny human heads

Story: Tiny Human Heads
Author: kalima
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 5479
Author's Summary: The Doctor is on a mission to tell everyone he loves that he loves them.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith
Warnings: explicit sex

Recced because: It's absolutely gorgeous. It's funny, moving and tragic in equal measure. The characterisation of both the Tenth Doctor and Sarah Jane is spot on, the dialog is superb and the author really manages to capture the decades long friendship between the Doctor and Sarah.

Oh, and if that isn't enough for you there's a bit where the Tenth Doctor runs about naked with spectacles on.