March 11th, 2008


Rec: How Martha Jones Saved the World...

Story: How Martha Jones Saved the World and Lucy Saxon Initiated Divorce Proceedings With Extreme Prejudice
Author: LizBee
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 12199
Author's Summary: An alternate resolution to the "Sound of Drums" cliffhanger, featuring a cavalcade of companions, UNIT soldiers and rather more Time Lords than one usually sees.
Characters/Pairings: Liz Shaw, Lucy Saxon, Martha Jones, Other Character(s), Romana (author created), Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (10th), The Master (Simm), UNIT
Warnings: None

Recced because:Let me count the ways...
  1. This was the first someone-else-in-a-pocket-watch story I read, and it was inspiring.
  2. This was much, much better than "The Last of the Timelords".
    1. a better plot, which made a lot more sense
    2. a different but interesting origin of the Toclafane (this story was written in the week between "The Sound of Drums" and "The Last of the Timelords", which was a feat in itself).
  3. UNIT!
  4. Former companions! Particularly Ace, Liz and Jo.
  5. Romana!
  6. And Martha did rock, too.
  7. Snark, banter, and good characterisation.
illya: little more sonic

rec: The Nooks of Soho by VMG

Story: The Nooks of Soho
Author: VMG
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4311
Author's Summary: Barbara and Ian? Let's not kid ourselves. After life in the TARDIS, no one's that straight...
Characters/Pairings: Barbara/Ian, Barbara/Susan, Ian/One, Ian/m, Barbara/f
Warnings: potential underage squick

Recced because: despite my firm belief that Ian and Barbara got married and are still somewhere in London, perfectly contented, VMG writes a disastrous sex scene between them which manages to be hilarious, sweet, and utterly convincing.  This is a story about the impossibility of simply coming home again after travelling on the TARDIS.  Ian and Barbara love one another, but that's not always enough, and both find themselves resorting to fairly desperate measures under the strictures of 60s society to fill the gaps.

It's not the most comfortable read: this isn't intended as 'hawt pron' by any stretch, and the swirling time structure is a little hard to follow in places.  But it's a thought-provoking piece, the dialogue is absolutely spot-on, and the closing paragraphs are just plain beautiful.
Spider Jerusalem Transmetropolitan

Rec: Unbound

Story: Unbound
Author: Sub Rosa
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 33717 (in nine chapters + epilogue)
Author's summary: Turlough develops an urgent need, wants the Doctor's help, and gets more than he bargained for.
Characters/Pairings: Five/Turlough, Tegan
Warnings: Explicit sex, kink of the consensual variety, reference to non-con in the past, angst

Recced because: I’m not sure where the fanon that Turlough is queer as a $3 bill and has a taste for bondage came from, but I fully support it

The story is actually more interesting, and serious, than the PWP-sounding description would imply.  Explores some of the dynamics and implications of voluntary submission and its distinction from abuse and exploitation.

And there doesn't seem to be that much good Doctor/Turlough slash in the world, which is a damn shame.

Spider Jerusalem Transmetropolitan

Rec: Parallax

I should post this tomorrow, but I will probably not be home until very late, so here it is now:

Story: Parallax

Author: Vali

Rating: Adult

Word Count: 22628

Author’s Summary: The Doctor and the Master have a mutually revealing encounter on a very strange planet.


Co-written with Jonquil, a very AU, post-"Last of the Time Lords" cracky wallow in kink with a rich vein of fluff beneath the surface. It's of moderate importance to the action that the reader know that, just as in my other stories, the neck and collarbone are Gallifreyan erogenous zones; just blame that genetic link between Time Lords and vampires.

Contains consensual but somewhat rough BDSM and other not-vanilla acts; skip if this squicks.

Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Master(Simm)

Warnings: *Heavy* pain-fic here.  Consensual, but still intense. 

Recced because: It melted my brain.