March 27th, 2008

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rec: On The Road - Glinda

Marvellous Martha Jones

I'm recommending Martha Jones-centric fics all this week but they're not all Martha/Ten.

Story: On the Road
Author: Glinda
Author summary: Professor Docherty isn't the only person Martha owes flowers. She didn't always walk the earth alone.
Characters: Second Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Zoe Herriot
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Femslash
Word count: 6049

This is a very strong Year That Never Was story that features an older Zoe helping Martha: she discovers friendship and love, and remembers her own earlier travels with the Doctor. Zoe's her usual scientifically curious self, and her brief interaction with the Tenth Doctor is lovely and more than a little heart-breaking. This story is beautifully written and I first read it before I'd seen any of Zoe's serials, but now I've seen some, I love it even more.

But now with the 'gun' completed, there is little for her to do, except think of her next project. A lightning strike the previous week had brought down one of the evil little robots, and the resistance had brought it to her. It sits there in its clamp on her workbench taunting her. Martha is out, telling her story to the latest slave camp, spreading hope out ahead of her, the TARDIS’ universal translator ensuring her words reach the ears of her audience in the language they know and love best. Their current resistance contact is out acting as Martha’s guide and she’d promised not to work on the creature on her own. But her curiosity is eating at her. There’s a long night ahead of her until they return and her fears will only prey on her if she has nothing to focus on alone in her lab.

rec: things best left unseen by eponymous_rose

Story: Things Best Left Unseen
Author: eponymous_rose
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 9349
Author's Summary: Who are the ominous-looking men in dark suits and terribly impractical sunglasses, and why are they so convinced that they're about to pull off the greatest heist in the planet's history?
Characters/Pairings: Erimem, Peri Brown, Fifth Doctor

Recced because: The characterisation of Erimem is brilliant and her typically clear-eyed observations of herself and her friends are a joy. She's finding her feet and trying to work out how she fits in with the Doctor and Peri, deciding who she is now she's no longer a pharoah-in-training. She's learning to be brave in a world she never expected, and eponymous_rose conveys this beautifully. The plot is slight but entertaining, the villains are fun and it's told in a beautifully self aware way. And, appropriately for audio fic, I can hear the voices of the characters very strongly in my head as I read.

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(This story takes place directly after the Big Finish Audio Nekromateia and though you don't have to have heard the play to follow it (I haven't) it does contain some spoilers.)