April 26th, 2008

Susan looking sharp.

Rec: Space Between by Biichan

Story: Space Between
Author: Biichan
Rating: Teen
Author's summary: On an out-of-the-way alien planet, Susan and her grandfather find someone they never thought they'd see again.
Characters/Pairings: First Doctor/the Rani, Susan
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~2,450 words

Recced because: This is frankly brilliant: it's hilarious and well-written, with a great plot, and also manages to get in all sorts of terrific little bits of fanon that I loved about Gallifrey, Time Lords, and that band of rogues the Doctor ran with. One and Susan meet up with Susan's granny once again, now ruling over a planet in exile, as imperious and brilliant as always. We get Susan backstory, the Rani causing Susan's interest in and stay on Earth, meeting people in the wrong order, some well-deserved (and tasteful!) getting it on for One, and I even enjoyed the reference to the Looms, for goodness' sake. Rassilon approves.

rec: Lost Luggage and Lost Souls by Nemo the Everbeing

Story: Lost Luggage and Lost Souls
Author: Nemo the Everbeing
Rating: None, but I'd call it Teen
Word Count: 20,338
Author's Summary: Because listing bus stations as something you hate just begs writers to put you there. The Seventh Doctor and Ace join an odd cast of characters in time to get held hostage, and the Doctor remembers why he prefers saving worlds to smaller crises.
Characters/Pairings: Seven, Ace, many original characters
Warnings: Swearing

Recced because: It's rare to find a story in which you see the Doctor and his companion largely through others' eyes, and even rarer to find one that does a good job of it. Nemo the Everbeing brings together a collection of very lost souls – a runaway, an ex-con, a single mother escaping an abusive husband – all of whom need more help than ever when what looks like a robbery becomes a deadly hostage situation. Seven is at his manipulative best here, and Ace is drawn just right – tough and brash, but still a little vulnerable. Combine the excellent characterization with a gripping plot, and you've got a truly terrific story.
dr who - bother

rec: Hok'taur by spastasmagoria

Story: Hok'taur
Author: spastasmagoria
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 16,666
Author's Summary: Nirrti's experiments into building a super-host have lead her to a certain Time Lord. SG-1 and the Doctor stop her from creating a host capable of command over time and space. (Stargate Crossover)
Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, SG-1, Nirrti
Warnings: N/A

Recced because: This entire story takes place in those 18 seconds in Rose that the Doctor is gone, leaving Rose in the alley with Mickey. This is the story of that missing time - which of course is an adventure - and why he came back. The Doctor is still traumatised after the War, but soldiering on like he always does, though it seems that this blonde child is sticking in his thoughts more than she should. Meanwhile, the Goa'uld Nirrti has snagged herself some Time Lord DNA which she plans to use to create an ultra-super-duper new host, which the Doctor - and SG-1 - loudly protest.

This is a great view of the Doctor in his element, saving the world while trying to figure out the mind of a nineteen year old human female as the world explodes around him. Literally. However, my favourite parts in this entire story are the Doctor and Jack O'Neill interactions; communicating one soldier to another.