May 21st, 2008

  • honorh

rec: "Nowhere Man"

Story: Nowhere Man
Author: selenak
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6983
Author's summary: During the year that wasn’t, Torchwood tries to save the day. Elim Garak just tries to survive. Crossover with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Doctor Who.
Characters/Pairings: Torchwood cast, the Doctor, the Master, Elim Garak
Warnings: Character deaths

Recommended because: Selena's a brilliant writer. She's actually a professional novelist in her native Germany, but she wields the English language better than most native speakers. This triple crossover displays the depth of her skill. You might look at the fandoms and think "crack," but it's not--she makes it work as a serious story, full of plot and character exploration. Even if you don't know a thing about DS9 except it's got those aliens with the funny foreheads--no, the other aliens with the funny foreheads--the story still stands on its own. Plus, nobody, but nobody, writes a better Owen.

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Rec: "Homesick"

Story: "Homesick"
Author: Howlcastle
Rating: All ages.
Word Count: 2515
Author’s summary: "Jamie is grumpy and the Doctor thinks the only way to improve his mood is a quick trip back home."
Characters/Pairings: Jamie, Two, Zoe
Warnings: None

Recommended because: Jamie, Two and Zoe are one of the great TARDIS teams (IMNSHO), and Jamie has always been a favorite Companion. Thrown constantly into situations well outside his native frame of reference, he always kept his basic core of common sense and honest loyalty. This story is an affectionate, respectful and believable character piece focusing on Jamie's thoughts about his home, his past, and where he belongs.