June 18th, 2008

when you're feeling blue
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Rec: Bonsai by Elliptic Eye

Story: Bonsai
Author: Elliptic Eye
Rating: Adult
Author's summary: One, two, three: This never happened.
Characters/Pairings: Seventh Doctor/Peri
Warnings: explicit sex
Word Count: ~2,000 words

Recced because: This is an incredible piece: just beautifully written, thoughtful, and also really, unexpectedly, hot. The Doctor here is Seven to a T, and Peri comes across as very sympathetic, very real. This story goes into such depth in so few words about the universe the Doctor and his companions inhabit: the idea of needing vs. wanting, forgetting, remembering, and creating your own history. It's twisty and imaginative, and wraps up the good and the bad all together into one amazing, if at times somewhat deliciously uncomfortable, whole. It's a fabulous piece of work.

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Rec: A Time for Change by Paranoid Seat

Story: A Time for Change
Author: Paranoid Seat
Rating:All ages
Word Count: 2031
Author's Summary: One of the greatest art galleries in the galaxy, a Time Lord who maintains it by routinely breaking the Laws of Time, a woman who was once Pharaoh, and a job offer.
Characters/Pairings: Erimem, Braxiatel
Warnings: Since this has been Jossed since it was first written.
Recced because: This is a lovely What If? fic for what could've happened to Erimem after leaving the Doctor and Peri. It feels spot on as to how Erimem would have reacted to the situation. Braxiatel is spot on (from the little I've heard of him) and overall it's a very enjoyable fic.

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once, DW

rec: How Do You Stop an Exploded Man by Conversingly

Story: How Do You Stop an Exploded Man
Author: Conversingly
Rating: General
Word Count: 5030
Author's Summary: Crossover with Heroes. In the days before How Do You Stop An Exploding Man?, Nathan's visited by a rather strange individual. After the explosion, he wakes up in said strange individual's time machine and finds out exactly how strange his new benefactor is.
Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor, Nathan Petrelli
Warnings: None.

Recced because: This may be the perfect crossover fic. The conversations Nathan and the Doctor have are perfectly in character, the writing is darkly lyrical and the author has a brilliant plot and follow through.

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