July 8th, 2008

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Rec: Ian and The Beatles

Story: Ian and The Beatles.
Author: Bad Dickens.
Rating: All Ages.
Word Count: 2571
Author's Summary: Ian pops out to get some milk in 2000. What of life and the Doctor since 1966?
Characters/Pairings: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, The Doctor (1st)
Warnings: None.

Recced because: My favourite kind of idea for a fic. A former companion has moved on with their life and they suddenly find themselves mixed up with the Doctor and the madness that is his!

Rec: No Hands Were Severed In The Making Of This Conversation

Story: No Hands Were Severed In The Making Of This Conversation
Author: koshiroryuu
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1204
Author's Summary: When the Doctor wants to express his feelings, he often turns to Star Wars quotes. Sadly, Luke still doesn't have any clue what in the heck he's talking about.
Characters/Pairings: Luke Smith, the Tenth Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: This is silly, but it's silly in a way that is totally in character for both of them. The Doctor thinks Luke needs a father figure and takes a typically roundabout way of saying so, and Luke thinks the Doctor is just crazy. The dialogue and prose are perfect. Every time I have a bad day, I go to this fic to make me giggle.

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rec: ozymandias in hell

Story: Ozymandias in Hell
Author: ponygirl
Rating: None given (Teen seems a safe bet)
Author's Summary: Written for the "Old Clichés Made New" fic challenge on Livejournal. Martha learns about a side of the Doctor she hasn't seen before. Well, make that nine sides, actually.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: None
Word Count: 7,881

Recced because: Ponygirl has an amazing gift for storytelling, and the tense but careful pacing of a longer story showcases this brilliantly. Her characterisation of each of the Doctors is flawless, but it's her interpretation of Martha that steals the show - even the most contradictory facets of her character come together for her terrifying and wonderful exploration of the Doctor's mind, of the Time War, and of everything that came after. While this may seem like a been-there-done-that scenario, the author admirably accomplishes the "Made New" part of the challenge, and the fic as a whole feels beautifully mysterious and different and unknown, and, more than that, it feels real and true to each character.

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