September 1st, 2008

  • kaffyr

rec: Valiant

Story: Valiant
Author: MeiLin
Rating: adult
Word Count: 38,526
Author's Summary: The Story of the Year that Wasn't, from the viewpoints of almost everyone involved.
Characters/Pairings: Clive Jones, Francine Jones, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Leo Jones, Lucy Saxon, Martha Jones, Owen Harper, The Doctor (10th), The Master (Simm), Tish Jones, Toshiko Sato
Warnings: It's the Year that Wasn't, and it's not fluffy. It is long - but rewarding.
Recced because: Firstly, because MeiLin has written what might be the definitive exploration of the Year That Wasn't here. Secondly, because she is a master at taking minor characters in a greater drama and seeing them as they could be, then writing them into reality. Even more important, she makes those minor characters integral to the Whoniverse she explores and the stories they inhabit. Once you meet Shae Han, you'll see what I mean.
And with that, my week of recs is over. I had a blast doing it, (although I apologize for posting rather more slowly than I should have occasionally,) and I hope you enjoyed at least some of the stories I presented. Thanks!


Minervafan is one of my absolute favourite authors on the ‘spoon, and I think that it is an absolute crime that more of her stories haven’t been recc’d. I could happily spend all seven of my recs on her, but I had to be choosy and reduce it to one.
This is a story about an unlikely pairing which makes perfect sense when you see it written out. Chrissie and Jackie are very similar and their relationship is charming, funny, and vaguely tragic. Minervafan has a talent for taking side characters and fleshing them out into full, real people, and this story is a stellar example of that. Even if you don’t like femslash, I recommend you take a look at Minervafan’s work just for the amazing dialogue and characterization she brings to every story.
doctor who - romana angry

rec: had we but world enough and time

Story: had we but world enough, and time
Author: VegaOfTheLyre
Rating: PG 13/Teen
Word Count: 3388
Author's Summary: It’s the beginning of the end, and the Doctor can feel the anticipation of the impending battle drum so deep through his bones his teeth rattle with it. Romana and the Doctor at Gallifrey’s last stand.
Characters/Pairings: Eight Doctor, Romana III (not the EDA one), sort of Eight/Romana? It's not stated out loud but it's definitely there.
Warnings: ANGST. Time War shaped ANGST.

Recced because: The ANGST. Ok, wait, seriously. I forgot I was supposed to start reccing this week and I actually haven't read any fic in ages so after a couple of minutes of panicking I realised this could actually be a good thing, I'd see what I could remember off the top of my head. If I'd remembered it that long, it was bound to be exceptional, right?

This was one of the first fics that came to mind. It's mostly all about the beautiful imagery and the numerous nods to all the spin-off media, each one I found made me so very happy. The author also does a gorgeous job of showing us the Doctor and Romana's relationship throughout their various reincarnations, their shared history and affection for each other is palpable. This Romana III is great too, she's a tantalizing look at what the EDAs COULD've done with the War Queen stuff.

I feel like I'm doing a bad job of selling this but essentially, for me this is what Time War Eight and Romana look like and it's rather lovely and you should definitely check it out.