September 10th, 2008

Ace and Seven
  • livii

Rec: Light and Shadow by Every Little Breeze

Story: Light and Shadow
Author: Every Little Breeze
Rating: Teen
Author's summary: The Seventh Doctor and Ace land in rural Wales in 1966, where the Doctor meets an old friend with some unfinished business.
Characters/Pairings: Seven/Ray (from Delta and the Bannermen, Ace
Warnings: non-graphic sex
Word Count: ~3,000 words

Recced because: Objectively, Delta and the Bannermen might not be one of the Seventh Doctor’s best serials, but I thought it was tremendous fun, and in particular I absolutely adored spunky, mechanically-minded Ray. This is a sweet story, set a few years later, with the Doctor accidentally ending up in Ray’s little Welsh village, and discovering that sometimes maybe he can stay, just for a little while. Ray is written wonderfully, Ace and the Doctor’s relationship is also well drawn, and overall while the story is a touch slight, it’s also cute, possible, and rather hot.