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only coming through in waves
03 October 2008 @ 10:26 am
Story: The Catbird Seat
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 365
Author's Summary: Written for the kinkmeme. Prompt was: "The missing Doctor/Benny sex from the end of The Dying Days. The cat watches or joins in." Wolsey observes the Doctor and Benny.
Characters/Pairings: Bernice Summerfield, Eighth Doctor, Wolsey the Cat
Warnings: Hilarity

Recced because: I like to rec a kinkmeme story on fridays because I think everyone should have a little porn at the end of the week. This particular story is a bit short on the porn, but it's utterly brilliant anyway. Exactly as it says on the tin, this is a quickie from the POV of Wolsey the Cat. And considering the author says she has no cat, the perfection of Wolsey's voice is even more amazing.
Lurky McLurklurk
03 October 2008 @ 04:01 pm
And yet another inadvertently matching rec:

Story: Watching from the Wardrobe
Author: yesjamie [*]
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 700
Author's Summary: Susan's curious. She watches.
Characters/Pairings: Ian/Barbara, Susan
Warnings: Explicit Sex (and, specifically, voyeurism)

Recced because: I wanted to rec something from the kink meme in my week, and this is a fabulous story, which captures the feel of the Hartnell era despite being porn, and has an interesting take on Time Lord sex in there as well.

[*] yesjamie is (apparently) a collective of kink meme anons (but for all we know it may just be one prolific one!) posting to the Teaspoon from a shared account; I'd just like to point out that they're completely unofficial - I don't know their password and I don't want to.