November 12th, 2008


rec: and hate the idle pleasures of these days

Story: And Hate the Idle Pleasures of These Days
Author: Calapine
Rating: Doesn't say. Let's make it Teen, just to be sure.
Word Count: 1957
Author's Summary: When Harry Met Lucy
Characters/Pairings: Simm!Master/Lucy Saxon
Warnings: Evilness, violent imagery.

Recced because: This is a sort of prequel to Beauty Was the Cause of That Effect. Basically, ''Harry'' meets Lucy at a ball, becomes fascinated by her quiet insanity and decides that she's the ''one''. Recced because of the wonderful language and the almost beautiful madness of Harry and Lucy's relationship.
smith and jones

Rec: Do You Remember The First Time? by ionlylurkhere

Story: Do You Remember The First Time?
Author: ionlylurkhere / Lurky McLurklurk
Wordcount: 2767
Rating: Adult
Author's Summary: Martha Jones, The Doctor (10th)

Recced because: Nothing is ever straight forward with a Timelord, including his sex life - as ionlylurkhere proves in this rather steamy tale! Timey-wimey takes on a whole new meaning when Martha sleeps with the Doctor for the first time.