January 6th, 2009

rec: Patient

Hello, I'm fearlessfirefly and I'll be one of two people posting recs this week. I'll try to cover both classic and new series as evenly as possible, from Hartnell to Tennant and everyone in between.

This is one of two stories I'll be posting today to make up for missing yesterday. So, enjoy! :D

Story: Patient
Author: Persiflage
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2010
Author's Summary: Martha meets a different Time Lord.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, The Doctor (9th)
Warnings: Spoilers for s1's "Rose".

Recced because: I love the idea of Martha with Doctors other than Ten, and Persiflage does a fantastic job by imagining Martha meeting the Ninth Doctor during the events of season one - specifically the opener, "Rose". It's a Martha who has yet to stand on the moon and a Doctor still freshly wounded emotionally from the Time War, and the sparks between the two make for wonderful reading.

This is the first part of an AU series starring Martha and Nine; reccing the first story in the hopes more people start up reading this great series :D

rec: Between the Lines

Story: Between the Lines
Author: Infiniteviking
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 984
Author's Summary: It's easy for the Doctor to drop out of sight. It's somewhat harder for him to come back. Short, angsty oneshot set after The Five Doctors.
Characters/Pairings: Mike Yates, Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor (5th)
Warnings: Spoilers for 'The Five Doctors'.

As my second rec for the day, here's a barely under 1k story set after 'The Five Doctors'. And it just about breaks my heart in a bittersweet way, because it's the Fifth Doctor after all that mess with Omega and he's come to see Sarah Jane; and after the way they originally parted in his previous regeneration, he's bound to be a little nervous after all that time.

The writing of the Doctor and the wonderful details and description (and Yates!) make this a welcome post-episode fic to an often dismissed adventure.

rec: House Rules

Hello, I'm platypus, and I'll be reccing, uh, a lot of adult-rated stuff. With, I promise, some variation in who's involved and why it's adult.

Story: House Rules
Author: daera23
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2809
Author's Summary: Black lace knickers, black push-up bra, and black motorcycle boots. He’s sensing a pattern here.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose
Warnings: Moderately graphic sex.

Recced because of my deep weakness for handporn. This story delivers exactly what it promises.
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rec: Aim For The Moon (And You'll Still Hit The Stars)

Since we got a late start to the week, here's a second rec for today.

Story: Aim For The Moon (And You'll Still Hit The Stars)
Author: RainyD
Rating: Listed as all ages, but see warnings.
Word Count: 1789
Author's Summary: Once, twice, too many times, he thought he'd lost her.
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/TARDIS (One, Four, Eight, Nine, Ten); Romana and Rose also appear.
Warnings: Time Lord/machine sex, some explicit language.

Recced because: There is not enough Doctor/TARDIS in the world, and this contains some moments that are both very wrong and very right.