January 16th, 2009

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Rec: Breeding Starlings

Story: Breeding Starlings
Author: elliptic_eye
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1090
Author's Summary: He might indulge in master plans, but he made a concerted effort to exorcise subtlety.
Characters/Pairings: Seven, Ace
Warnings: None

The author wrote this in part as a reaction to the Seventh Doctor's late years characterization, and so you may or may not agree with her own interpretation. Either way, though, this is an excellent short fic that combines an NA worthy adventure with a character study.

Anyway, Friday seems like a good day for Seven to be manipulating his little heart out as Ace tosses the explosives.
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Rec: Visiting Alien

Story: Visiting Alien 
Author: Entilzha
Rated: Says All Ages on the site, but I’d say Adult
Word count: 11980
Author’s summary: 20 years after Doomsday and Rose has a life of her own. Then a familiar noise fills the park.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Warnings: None
Reason for Recommendation: Yes, this is a post-Doomsday Doctor/Rose reunion fic (AU from the end of S2), but - like my recommendation of The Devil You Know a few days ago - it’s no ordinary reunion fic. For one thing, Rose is twenty years older, and many more years wiser (she even has a PhD, in psychology). She’s competent, capable, doing a very efficient job for Torchwood, and the last thing she expects, or almost even wants, is her ex-lover, the Doctor, to turn up out of the blue looking for her. She’s certainly not the Rose Tyler the Doctor was expecting, and even though she’s perfectly happy to shag him she’s equally prepared to be brutally honest about his fear of commitment. Entilzha, as a psychologist herself, handles this aspect of the story very well indeed: while the Doctor’s character flaws are exposed, there’s no character assassination; it’s clear that both Rose and Entilzha love the Doctor. There’s also humour, and of course the smut’s not half bad!

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