January 27th, 2009

  • eve11

rec: Ten Moments by golden orange

Story: Ten Moments
Author: golden orange
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 6859
Characters: Doctors 1-10, various companions
Author's Summary: Ten Doctors, ten moments

Recced because: We all have our Favorite Corners of Who Fandom. I mean, how could we not? The show's been around for forty-odd years, with a revolving door of companions, monsters and villains, One School-Two School/ Old School-New School, and ten different actors in the star role-- the main cast alone could field two soccer teams and a rowdy bar crowd to cheer them on and get into brawls. At the same time, I think we really do Love Them All, even if we don't know it yet. And once in a while an author comes along and reminds us of that. I love the diversity and creativity of these moments, how the author not only gets the characters and voices of every era down pat, but also seems to know exactly what kind of moment each Doctor needs-- in style and substance-- in order to shine. For those familiar with all the eras, it's ten gems in a row. And for those who still don't know that they really do love them all, it's kind of like a surprise greeting card sent from a distant relative, that spurs the thought-- we should really keep in touch.

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