February 3rd, 2009

Cat - Zzz

rec: Five Times Charley, Mel, or Glitz Almost Died (But Didn't) by amaresu

Story: Five Times Charley, Mel, or Glitz Almost Died (But Didn't)
Author: amaresu
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2165
Author's Summary: What it says on the tin. Five planets, five almost deaths.
Characters/Pairings: Mel/Charley, Glitz.
Warnings: None.

Recced because: First of all, amaresu is one of my favourite authors and I'm shocked none of her fics have been recced here. Five Times Charley, Mel, or Glitz Almost Died (But Didn't) is part of amaresu's Charley/Mel series, The Terrors and Triumphs of Space Piracy: A Girl's Own Paper. It's a pairing that I would never have put together but they work incredably well. Both Charley and Mel have had to toughen up so they arn't exactly the same as when they were in the series, but their changes are realistic. After spending so much time with Glitz, some of his personality is bound to rub off of Mel and Charley.
Tinman dorothy

rec: Stranded by ceefax_the_sane

Hi there, I'm Miss Winterhill (Winterhill on Teaspoon) and I'm helping with the recs this week. I'll be reccing some Torchwood and some Seventh Doctor era stuff across the week. I thought I'd start with something a little strange and more than a little sexy from the Torchwood section!

Story: Stranded

Author: ceefax_the_sane

Rating: Adult

Word Count: 9051

Author's Summary: AU. It's Ianto's first time. For a threesome with Jack and an alien, that is.

Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness/OC Alien

Warnings:Explicit Sex

Recced because: ceefax_the_sane writes the most brilliantly imagined AUs, pulling us sharply away from the everyday. Jack and Ianto are stranded on an alien planet in this fic and ceefax_the_sane shows us that just because you're out of your space and time doesn't mean that you can forsake the world of work, office romances, learning the language, sex (quite a bit of sex, the explicit sex warning isn't just there for kicks!) and going out to the pub to celebrate little milestones.

Jack is in his element in this fic; all-knowing, sexy and adaptable. ceefax_the_sane has created a gorgeous OC in Ianto's tentacled co-worker Nir, a shy Sulamid with a crush on the exotically human Ianto; an OC who lives in a world that I found had a surprising sense of verisimilitude (surprising given that I've never actually seen an alien planet...) Give it a go! You might like it.