February 22nd, 2009


rec: The Trouble With Harry, by Azar

Story: The Trouble With Harry
Author: Azar
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 26,386
Author's Summary: "Abby's past and present collide when she and the missing Admiral Sullivan they're searching for turn out to have a mutual friend--the Doctor. Crossover with NCIS."
Characters/Pairings: Harry Sullivan, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (8th), Martha Jones, Abby Sciuto, Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Tim McGee, Ducky, Director Shepard, Original Characters
Warnings: Spoilers: Doctor Who - Robot through Terror of the Zygons, 1996 Movie, and Season 3 through Blink. NCIS - through 5x14.

Recced because: This is story is just plain fun to read. Azar writes Harry, Ten, Eight, Martha and the entire cast of NCIS brilliantly. The plot is fast-paced, clever, and features some cool aliens. Each time I read this story, it makes me smile. (And if you're not familiar with NCIS, don't worry -- you'll still enjoy it!)

rec: synchronicity

Story: Synchronicity
Author: Joan Milligan
Rating: Adult.
Word Count: 1526
Author's Summary: The Doctor, Romana, time and smut. That's all.
Characters/Pairings: Four/Romana II
Warnings: Smut, PWP.

Recced because: First of all, I'm terribly sorry about reccing two Four/Romana II tiemsex stores this week. You gracious mods may scold me if you want. However, I just found out that this story had not yet been recced on this fine community and I simply had to recitify this. There is Time. There is smut. There is love. And Rassilon saw it and it was good. Honestly, it's gorgeous stuff.

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