February 26th, 2009

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The Manly Art, MeiLin

Story:  The Manly Art
Author:  MeiLin
Rating:  Mostly all ages, but one is adult
Word Count: 606-3701
Author's Summary: The collected adventures of knitting!Jack, which aren't as ridiculous as they sound. ;) Dedicated to the Who Knits community on Ravelry.
Characters: Mostly Torchwood
Warnings: One story does have explicit sex.

MeiLin's series is a set of short stories about Jack, who knits.  These came about from a discussion on the Who Knits group on Ravelry about which character would be most likely to knit.  I really love the idea that Jack knits, and it fits with the time periods he's lived through.

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Step In, Step Out, Walk Around, by amberite

Story: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around
Author: amberite
Rating: It's listed as "all ages," but there's some profanity and the subject matter is… well, I don't know what you'd call it. That's what makes the fic. Anyway, if screening this for younguns, I'd call it a "teen," personally.
Word Count: 439
Author's Summary: Repeat anything enough times with meaning, and it becomes an obsession, even a fetish.
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Martha (Ten/Martha?)
Warnings: As for rating.

Recced because: Martha plays a game with the Doctor and gradually realizes that she doesn't know quite what the game's about. Then she, like us, perhaps begins to get an inkling, and the whole thing gets much worse.

I don't know that I'd call this dark!fic, exactly, though there's a dark current to it. But "dark" also seems too simplistic a label for what turns out to be a condensed character piece for the Doctor, Martha, and—just possibly?—Who fans and our fascination. A creepy and yet still sort of touching look at what living so long and knowing so many might have done to the Doctor's head. This fic's so short that it's hard to say much without spoiling something, so I'll just push off and give you the excerpt.

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