February 27th, 2009

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Shadow Self, LizBee

Story:  Shadow Self
Author:  LizBee
Rating:  Teen
Word Count: 870
Author's Summary: Fifth Axis interrogations stir up things best left quiet in Braxiatel's mind. Or, The One Where Brax Has A Head!Pandora.
Characters: Irving Braxiatel
Warnings: None specifically

In the 90's, when "Doctor Who" was off the air, the void was filled with a series of books published by Virgin.  Those books lost their license around 1997 or so, but they began publishing a series of books around Bernice Summerfield, a character in many of the seventh Doctor books.  Later, Big Finish acquired a license to produce new material based upon both "Doctor Who" and the Bernice Summerfield line.  Irving Braxiatel is one of the characters who pops up in books and audios from time to time, mostly in the Benny line.

This story takes place between a short story, "Midrash" and an audio "Death and the Daleks."  This post by lizbee sums up some of the backstory (but there are spoilers for the Benny audios).  She does an awesome job of capturing a complex character, yet still making him sympathetic to the reader.

Braxiatel opened his eyes and found that he was not alone.

But then, he never had been.

The pain of the Special Inquisitor's work was beginning to recede at last -- he was almost able to meditate on the irony, that the effort to shield himself from a telepath should prove as painful as any torture. That the headache was self-inflicted only completed the absurdity. He rested his head on the back of his chair, and looked up at his companion.