March 26th, 2009

  • honorh

Striking Roots (Adult)

Story: Striking Roots
Author: DameRuth
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4514
Author's Summary: After the Doctor suffers a terrible shock in the Flowers!verse, it's up to Rose and Jack to comfort him and each other.
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose/Jack (in a fashion)
Warnings: Sex, angst

Recced because: This is part of DameRuth's very original and creative Flowers series. The basic premise is that though the Doctor loves Rose deeply, there are way too many biological barriers--physical and chemical--for them to become lovers. Thus, Jack becomes Rose's lover, not just because he loves her himself, but as the Doctor's surrogate. I recommend the whole series for its creativity and sense of melancholy. (Later in the series, Jack, being Jack, finds a way around the biological barriers, but by then, Rose is gone. Thus, Jack and Ten become lovers.)

Anyway, to the story: Our trio come across the horrifying aftermath of a fobwatched Time Lord gone terribly wrong. The Time Lord (unnamed) is long dead, and the fobwatch itself, containing the Time Lord's essence, has become a lethal object of temptation to anyone who finds it. Its discovery sends the Doctor into an emotional tailspin. Jack and Rose can take comfort in each other, but they can't offer the same to him--or can they? The story is told in gorgeous language, the bittersweet dynamic amongst the three of them laid bare as comfort is sought and given.


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rec: outside in

Story: Outside In
Author: calapine
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1205
Author's Summary: Two wars, two obsessions; killing the alien.
Characters/Pairings: Nine, Ellen Ripley

Recced because: One of these days, we will run out of stories to rec that calapine has written. Today is not that day. Outside In is a dark and twisted look at the Doctor in a very low point of life. And since it's crossed with the 'Alien' series, Ripley's outlook is just as bleak. Which begs the the question: just which alien are they trying to kill?